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  • SKU: V-PN 10

    Aquaseal10 Integrally-moulded Wafer-type Butterfly Valve is available in sizes from 50 mm (2”) to
    600 mm (24”), in PN 10 pressure rating. The valve was developed to provide reliable sealing in water
    and air lines, and is today the industry benchmark.
    The most striking feature of Aquaseal10 Butterfly Valve is its integrally-moulded body liner.
    Aquaseal’s elastomer body seat is vulcanised insitu onto the body using high temperature and
    pressure, and this provides longer life and superior performance when compared to valves with loose
    Aquaseal 10 requires no maintenance, and is truly a fit-and-forget valve

  • SKU: V-PN 16

    Aquaseal 16 Integrally-moulded Butterfly Valve sets a new benchmark in performance for butterfly
    valves. The versatile valve is offered in a variety of elastomer-disc combinations to address myriad
    process requirements. The highly reliable butterfly valve has successfully completed over 10,000
    cycles at its rated pressure.
    Available in sizes from 50 mm (2”) to 900 mm (36“), the valve is available in Cast Iron, SG Iron
    and carbon steel, in a variety of body styles, materials and actuation options. The body seat of
    Aquaseal16 Butterfly Valve is vulcanised insitu onto the body, which provides longer life and superior
    performance when compared to valves with loose liners.

  • SKU: V-PN 10-1

    Aquaseal Fab Chek Fabricated Steel Check Valve compliments Aquaseal
    Max Large-size Fabricated Steel Butterfly in water distribution systems and
    power plants. The valve is fabricated from carbon steel plates, and body
    and disc seats are hard-faced using 13% Cr steel.
    Smooth closure of the valve is ensured by using a counter weight. The
    valve can be supplied with hydraulic dash pot to prevent disc slamming
    and water hammer. Automated Fab Chek can also be used as combined
    shut-off and non-return valve on pump discharge lines.
    The valve is available in PN 6, PN 10 and PN 16 pressure ratings, with
    flanged ends